Sunday, February 14, 2010

♥ Things I Love - Green Haven Soaps ♥

Interior Alaska Winters are long, brutal and drying to the skin. It was not uncommon for our skin to be itchy and flaky and develop dry patches on the elbows. Since switching to handmade soaps several months ago, the whole family has noticed an improvement in our skin - and no dry patches on the elbows!

I have purchased a lot of handmade soap in local shops, on my travels and over the internet. Some of the most delightful, outstanding bars I've used come from Green Haven Soaps on Etsy.

The bars are generously sized and highly scented with natural ingredients and essential oils. I could tell by the high quality of the bars that this soap maker does not skimp on ingredients. I've noticed some handmade soaps can get a bit soft and mushy after they have become wet. Green Haven's bars remained firm, yet still produced creamy, luxurious lather.

The soap is also presented beautifully. The bars came wrapped in a paper sleeve with a forest green embossed wax seal.

The shop is like a medieval fairy tale. With fanciful names like Avalon, Selkie, Quest and Tavern, beautiful photographs and descriptions of the soap, I felt like I had been transported to a magical land. Green Haven mixes scents in delicious combinations too - juniper, lavender, clary sage, peppermint are just some of the wonderful ingredients. I'm on the second bar from her shop and look forward to trying all the soap I purchased and will definitely be buying more.
I also purchased Green Haven Soap's Alchemy body wash. I didn't know whether to drink it or wash with it when I took my first whiff of this delightful concoction. It has an amazing scent of orange and honey. Alchemy truly looks like a magical potion with its lovely golden colour and is bubbly and wonderful and I feel so pampered when I use it!
Handmade soap is one of the last affordable luxuries. Such a great way to indulge yourself or give as a gift.


  1. Wow. they look delicious! I like wrapping handmade soaps with some soft merino wool wet felting it. It creates a little washcloth around it.

  2. You're right: her shop is a little bit of the medieval and everything looks so drool worthy!

  3. You live in North Pole Alaska Whoa! Wow that must get cold!!! Whats the normal temp in winter? I bet a wood burning stove is a must in case of a power outage?! Your jewellerys pretty! Thanks for stopping by my blog! The husbands British and Britian is so charming. The decorum...Id say its alittle "stiffer" there but I like that. As an American its easy to talk and blah blah and say whats on our minds. Thats nice and all but theyre so much more reserved. Theres a place a shoppe called "Pasttimes" They have the most beautiful faeries Ive ever seen. I had some shipped over here to the US when I lived there with him. Check that shop out. The tea shops and all were so lovely. Some of the Best places to shop are the castles, there are things in them you will not see other places. Like if you see something you really want in a castle buy it bc you wont find the same items all over. Castles have one of a kind items. The airport too has great things that you may of missed! Heathrow has the Best shops! I forget the other airport. I would much rather fly to Heathrow bc there are far more shoppes in that airport! Ive written a book ooops! ox