Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Lake

Last weekend we found a new place to camp. It had everything we could want - a view of snow covered mountains, a lake with fat, feisty rainbow trout, plenty of room for the pups to explore and best of all - not a single soul for miles around!

A fresh, cool breeze cleared the air and we got a couple of days respite from the blanket of smoke hanging over the Fairbanks/North Pole area due to the numerous wildfires burning in the area.

Drifting on the lake in the canoe was so relaxing. There were beautiful water lilies and once again here I am, trying to be a nature photographer.

We were delighted by these ducklings swimming after their parents. It was amazing to see how quickly they moved through the water.

We feel truly blessed to live in this beautiful State.


  1. sounds fabulous!
    i could do with some peace at a place like that for a while!

    Rose XXX

  2. So glad you found a magical place! Those little ducklings are adorable. You do live in a state with amazing natural beauty! :0)