Sunday, June 7, 2009

Quick Update

Hi everyone!

It's the wee hours and I just can't sleep. I was at the Fairbanks Grizzlies football game last night. We lost to the Rochester (NY) Raiders by two points. Boohoo. We were robbed. The Grizzlies are part of the Intense Football Leage (IFL) Arena football - There is no way we'd ever get an NFL team in Fairbanks, Alaska. As a football fan this is the best I'm going to get!

We've found homes for most of the plants in the greenhouse that we can't use - yay!! I spent a good part of yesterday planting the outside raised beds and battling the mosquitoes. Man, they sure do love me. I've got bites all over. My favorite new gadget is this little tennis racquet looking thing that electrocutes them. I feel absolutely no remorse as their little carcasses pop, spark and fall lifeless to the ground.

I also had to assist my husband in installing lattice around the raised beds. Our Labrador jumps into the beds and digs and has taught his little sisters - beagle puppies Lucy and Sly the joys of digging in the raised beds. Hopefully this will stop them.

2RavenChicks has added a few new items to the shop. We just got a bunch of plastic and lucite vintage flowers in and are having fun making hair/bobby pins. We should be posting more of these throughout the weekend. We'd love to have birdhouses too - maybe I'll get motivated later today.

We also have joined the Etsy Beagle Street Team! Here is a link to their blog:

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